Stacey Abrams Announces Interest in Running for U.S. President


When asked about whether running for president is her “greatest dream,” Abrams delivered a very telling response. According to the Georgia Democrat, running for the White House is something that she holds as an “ambition”; finally, Abrams stated that she believes young people, young women, and young people of color will take inspiration from her journey.

The 2022 Georgia governor’s race

Like many other states, Georgia has a gubernatorial election coming up next year. Many Democrats are expecting Abrams to launch another challenge against Governor Kemp.

Right now, Kemp is already facing a primary challenge from Democrat-turned-Trump-supporter Vernon Jones. Should Kemp manage to fend off Jones’ primary challenge, a Kemp vs. Abrams 2.0 race could happen again.

Thus far, Abrams has not confirmed whether or not she will enter the 2022 gubernatorial election. However, the news of her wanting to run for president one day is certainly making headlines on social media.

Over the weekend, news also surfaced that steamy romance novels written by Abrams under a pseudonym are up for release again. During the failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate’s interview today, she did not set a timeline for when she plans to run for the White House.