Biden Lands in Hot Water for Statements on Reparations and Black Families


During the third Democrat debate, 2020 candidates covered a wide variety of issues. Healthcare, climate change, education, and additional matters came up, with various candidates weighing in. Democrats also weighed in on reparations, with many of the candidates supporting the idea that today’s descendents of slaves should be paid to atone for wrongdoings which their ancestors experienced.

This is a matter which Joe Biden addressed and his statements have displeased several individuals. When asked about “repairing” slavery’s legacy, Biden went on to talk about reforming the education system. He then made arguably questionable remarks about bringing social workers into the homes of impoverished, black families in order to care for their children.

Where Does Biden Stand on Reparations?

Many Democrats have openly professed their support for reparations. The idea that descendants of slaves should be paid for unfair experiences which they never went through is problematic to many people, but most Democrats are all for it. When Biden spoke, he provided some fascinating remarks on atoning for slavery via reparations.