Biden leads Trump by 10 points in new Fox News Poll


The Fox News Poll, which has a 3 percent of error, is conducted by Republican pollster Daron Shaw and Democratic pollster Chris Anderson.

Shaw told Fox News, “Trump’s current position in the polls is far from ideal. But he’s definitely in the game. His base is on board and he’ll have ample opportunity to frame the choice set moving forward while the Democrats battle for voter and media attention in the debates.”

Biden remains the front-runner among Democratic presidential candidates

Among Democratic primary voters, Biden is ahead 19 points (32-13) against Sanders; 20 points against Warren (32-9) and 21 points (32-8) against Harris and Buttigieg.

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Democratic voters, 72 percent want a candidate who will “provide a steady, reliable leadership” and 52 percent favor a candidate who has “high ethical standards.”

Anderson commented, “Some on the left mock Biden as naive for suggesting he can bring Americans together, but primary voters prefer his steady style and unifying approach. A big question is whether another candidate can provide a viable alternative for voters who like Biden’s approach, but aren’t enthused with his candidacy.”