Biden Makes ANOTHER Gaffe During Campaign Fundraiser


Additional Biden blunders include mistaking former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for Theresa May and alleging that “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.”

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Although Biden has personally attempted to clean up his gaffes and brush them off, his aides are concerned. Some have even suggested reducing the amount of times Biden speaks publically.

What Does President Trump Think of Biden’s Blunders?

President Trump and Joe Biden have repeatedly sparred with one another, even before Biden entered the 2020 race. Since Biden’s time as a presidential candidate, he’s faced immense criticism from Trump. In the aftermath of Biden’s numerous blunders, Trump maintains that Biden lacks the fitness to become the next president.

When speaking to the press about Biden’s statements on poor children and white children, Trump stated that Biden isn’t “playing with a full deck.”

The Biden campaign later fired back, opining that Trump’s “deck” is “full of jokers.”

The current president has also taken to Twitter to issue censure towards Joe Biden in the wake of multiple blunders.