Biden Makes ANOTHER Gaffe During Campaign Fundraiser


At this time, Biden’s campaign is fraught with various blunders and gaffes. The former vice president continues to misspeak on very relevant issues. In the recent weeks, Biden has conflated poverty with race, confused the years which he served as vice president, and stated that he supports “truth over facts.”

The repeated blunders understandably have Democrats worried; after all, Biden is the current frontrunner of their party. Many on the left-wing now have their doubts about whether or not Biden has what it takes to become the 46th president.

The former vice president didn’t help his cause yesterday when he made yet another gaffe while campaigning in Delaware.

Reviewing the Latest Biden Gaffe

On Friday, Biden attended a campaign fundraising event during his time in Delaware. He referenced a prior speech alleging that President Trump is “fueling a literal carnage,” although Biden confused the states in which he delivered the speech.

The former vice president made the aforementioned accusation against the 45th president in Burlington, Iowa, but Biden claimed that he spoke in Burlington, Vermont.