Biden Nominates Tech Antitrust Advocate Lina Khan for FTC Commissioner


The House Judiciary began the second leg of the antitrust investigation last month. Anticipated legislation will pull back the tech giants in late spring. 

Wu and Khan are just the latest picks which indicate a new policy surrounding big tech players. Times may be changing.

Last month, current FTC Acting Chairwoman Rebecca Slaughter made remarks indicating the direction the agency is headed. And they will be aggressive in their approach to technology giants.

 Slaughter explains her enforcement priorities, including competition in markets and algorithmic discrimination in JD Supra. She indicates the FTC will be less flexible in settlements under the new administration. With technology-driven enforcement mechanisms like algorithmic disgorgement and direct consumer notice, Big Tech should definitely be aware.

Many people also feel Facebook, Google, and Twitter have a political agenda. And they are largely in control of the news. Those issues include constitutionally protected free speech.