Biden Pushes for IRS to Access Most Americans’ Financial Accounts


Therefore, it stands to reason some Democrat lawmakers aren’t wholly on board with Biden’s aims in this regard; this is a real possibility even if Democrats aren’t shouting it from the rooftops. Permitting the IRS access to accounts with funds or transactions of $600+ is no joke; Americans of all political affiliations and walks of life would feel the impacts.

Many conservatives are already blasting Biden for this. Right-wingers allege this violates Americans’ right to privacy and furthermore constitutes another attempted power grab from the current White House.

Why does Biden want to do this?

The president’s interest in the aforementioned proposal ultimately boils down to more funding for his wasteful government spending programs. Biden believes if his IRS proposal became law, the agency would gather hundreds of billions of dollars within a decade.

With that said, there are no signs of Biden’s proposal happening anytime soon. However, Americans should not grow complacent. This currently shows the extent to which Biden will toss aside individual rights for more government control.