Biden Pushes for IRS to Access Most Americans’ Financial Accounts


Since Biden’s tenure as president, he’s managed to earn a surging level of disapproval amongst the American people. On one issue after the other, this president has mucked things up, forcing the United States to face one crisis after the next.

Now, Biden wants to take things a step further. It wasn’t enough for this president to destroy energy independence, overrun the southern border with illegal immigrants, or even attempt to force through a countrywide COVID vaccine mandate that will never stand up in court.

Presently, the Biden administration wants the Internal Revenue Service to access the information of virtually every single banking and financial account in the name of American citizens.

Putting the IRS into the banking lives of Americans

The president’s goal is to have banks and other financial institutions alert the IRS of the details of accounts that either have $600+ transactions collectively or sums of money amounting to $600.

This is not something Biden has the power to do via executive order; therefore, he’s putting pressure on Congress to make it happen. However, it’s worth pointing out, thus far, the Democrat-led Congress has not included this proposal from Biden into their tax plans.