Biden Ramps Up Censure of “MAGA Republicans”


Before the president declared he would veto “everything they send,” he claimed MAGA Republicans aim to terminate Medicare and Social Security. Biden also made a point of alleging that GOP lawmakers in Congress want to “inflict pain” on the American people.

Republicans return the favor

Under the Biden administration, inflation, interest rates, and other costs have been skyrocketing across the board. Many GOP members, therefore, take issue with the president’s narrative that he’s making so much “progress.”

Americans who are losing their jobs to layoffs and struggling to feed their families would likely disagree with the rosy image the president painted of life under his administration. One can also say the same about parents struggling to find affordable childcare or baby formula.

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All things considered, animosity between the president and GOP members will likely continue for the remainder of his term. Biden has ultimately not shown any consistent efforts to truly make inroads with Republicans.