Biden Reveals Details of New Meeting with Democrat Lawmakers


The president of the United States is having a rough time with his $3.5 trillion spending bill.  Studies have already shown this legislation would cause taxes to surge for businesses, individuals, families, etc. This, of course, arrives in spite of Biden claiming this bill comes with a $0.00 price tag.

Thus far, Biden’s managed to drum up a track record of consistent failures. He failed in making the Afghanistan troop pullout a success; he failed in his promise to unify America, and the list just goes on and on.

Over the weekend, the president spoke to the media about his latest “frustrations.”

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The president’s remarks to the media on his spending bill

As of late, White House aides have interfered with Biden speaking to the press candidly. However, on Saturday, the president managed to get a word in.

Biden admitted that he feels “frustrated” with the delay in getting his expensive and disastrous spending legislation through Congress. This is a package that lacks support from 52 senators, 50 being Republicans and two being moderate Democrats. Likewise, House Democrats can’t even fully unite on the bill.