Biden Seeking to Remove Words From US Law He Deems Controversial; Immigration Regulations Being Attacked Again


Next up on the chopping block of words to be removed by the President of the United States, is just “one small part of the sweeping immigration overhaul President Biden is pushing,” CNN reported.

President Biden replaced the word ‘alien’ with ‘non-citizen’. He reasoned this will make political documents less offensive. Some advocates for open borders have decried the term “alien” or “illegal alien” as a dehumanizing slur, rather than a description denoting residence and allegiance.

Assaulting Immigration Laws Without the People’s Consent

With such a torn and divided nation, Congress and newly installed President Joe Biden advocated for non-citizens instead of first unifying Americans or trying to correct a failing system.

President Trump engaged, for better or worse, the American people. Never have so many been willing to assist in restructuring and correcting blatant issues of a failing, power-hungry government of career politicians. However, it appears, only one political side of the aisle is invited to participate in the discussion.