Trump’s EO for Protection: One Final Salute to Support Law Enforcement Before Leaving Office


Monday, former President Donald J. Trump made sure to leave a parting gift ensuring law enforcement officials and their families knew how much the president respected and appreciated their work and sacrifices for state and country.

Former President Trump issued an executive order (EO) that aimed to protect qualified active and retired law enforcement officials and their families.

This EO allows for these qualified law enforcement officials to carry concealed firearms.

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) President, Larry Cosme, said in a letter to members on the new EO, “It is a major policy statement that lays the groundwork for the federal government, including Congress, to make a stronger effort towards ensuring federal law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, and their families have the means necessary to stay safe.

“The FLEOA sent the link out, tweeting, “Yesterday, we were happy to see that the outgoing Administration acted on an issues that FLEOA had been pressing them and Congress to address due to the importance to the law enforcement community- the personal safety of law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, and their families.”