Biden Severely Lacking Support from His Base Ahead of 2024


According to a CNN poll that came out just earlier today, 51% of Democrats believe the party should nominate a different candidate in 2024. Meanwhile, only 45% of Democrats would like for Biden to run as their party’s nominee in the next presidential election.

Interestingly enough, the poll divulges a series of reasons why Democrats aren’t so keen on Biden representing their party in 2024. 35% told CNN they don’t see Biden successfully defending the presidency from a GOP candidate.

Meanwhile, 31% just lack interest in seeing Biden serve a second term. By the time 2024 arrives, Biden will have about 82 years under his belt; this is a concern for 18% of Democrats.

Multiple disappointments for Biden’s base

Supporters of the current president have faced a lot of disappointments. Just last week, the first lady announced the Democrat Party’s agenda would not entail the free community college Biden promised on the campaign trail.

This came after Sen. Joe Manchin, once again, restated his refusal to vote for the Build Back Better Act. Democrats largely wanted this bill to pass, notwithstanding its inherently negative impacts on the economy.