Biden Shifts Gears on Plan to Defeat COVID-19

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Coronavirus is still a pressing issue in the nation. The shutdowns that remain ongoing as a consequence of this virus are worsening unemployment rises, mental health issues, and a series of other struggles; although, in the recent days of the Biden White House administration, some Democrat leaders have shown a willingness to reopen.

A shift in certain Democrats’ attitudes towards lockdowns appears to be part of a bigger picture, however. The 46th president, since taking office, has also adopted an attitude shift towards COVID-19.

During this week alone, Biden’s rhetoric about defeating coronavirus changed from the original stance he took during his presidential candidacy.

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Biden on COVID-19 while running for president

On October 7, 2020, then-candidate Biden tweeted out that he and Kamala Harris had a “science-backed” and “comprehensive” strategy to beating COVID-19. In a “COVID Timeline” on Biden’s website, the Democrat discussed seven steps to beating the infamous virus and “[building] back better.”

It’s important to note that the grand plan Biden presented arrived during a time when he needed the votes of Americans to get into office. Now that the Democrat is securely in office for the next four years, this “science-backed” and “comprehensive” plan appears to be no more.

Biden on COVID-19 as president

The 46th president’s term began on Wednesday and a series of new executive orders are already in place. Many of these orders relate to coronavirus; however, Biden, by his own admission, doesn’t believe that coronavirus can be stopped.

In an address from the White House, the 46th president stood before the nation and declared that “nothing” can happen to stop COVID-19’s trajectory for the next several months.

The above declaration contrasts with the statements made by Biden before he secured the position of the presidency. For many Americans, this serves as a reminder of President Trump’s warning about “all talk, no action” politicians.

When the 46th president told Americans that COVID-19’s trajectory can’t be altered, he didn’t mention his “comprehensive” plan from October. This latest blow arrives amid massive ongoing unemployment; in another unfortunate twist, the unemployment numbers have grown since Biden’s decision to revoke the Keystone XL pipeline permit.