Biden Slips in New Poll Tracking California Voters


In recent weeks, Joe Biden’s seen a rising number of challenges that could prove problematic for his 2024 ambitions.

As Biden pursues a second term in the White House, he’s facing negative polls that work against him. The polls in question either show him slipping when pitted against Trump or losing support from key voter blocs he needs to secure reelection.

For quite some time, there’s been speculation that as more Democrats worry Biden might not be able to cut it in 2024, the party will work to force him out and hand someone else the nomination.

While that remains to be seen, yet another poll has come out. This time, it shows the president doing not so well with voters in deep blue California.

What California voters really think of Biden

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden handily won California. Considering the fact that left-wing voters outnumber their right-wing counterparts in the state by virtually two to one, Biden’s victory came as no shock.

However, a recent survey conducted by The University of California, Berkeley indicates only 44% of the state’s voters favor the president. On the flip side, 52% expressed disapproval of Biden.