Biden Suspends Permit for Keystone XL Pipeline


After less than 48 hours in power, the Biden administration is already engendering controversy.

Since assuming the presidency, Biden has gotten his term started with a slew of executive orders. Some of these executive orders include mask mandates for interstate travel and on federal properties (although since signing these orders, the 46th president himself has been maskless on federal properties multiple times).

However, one of the most controversial executive orders signed by Biden includes the revocation of the permit for Keystone XL oil pipeline construction. Democrats and Republicans already have strongly contrasting outlooks on the 46th president’s decision.

What the suspension of the Keystone XL pipeline means for Americans

Biden’s axing of the Keystone pipeline means that the transportation of energy will not run smoothly as it has previously. The 46th president’s decision also eliminates at least 11,000 fossil fuel jobs while simultaneously increasing energy costs for Americans.