COVID-19 Vaccine Blunder: Biden Assumes Credit for Trump’s Work


The reality is that the work to get Americans vaccinated started during the Trump presidency. After all, it is the 45th president who launched the Operation Warp Speed program; moreover, America’s Department of Health and Human Services announced in December 2020 its purchase of 100 million Pfizer COVID-19 doses.

Biden, of course, did not mention this to the public. Conservatives, however, didn’t hesitate to blast the 46th president on social media. The right noted that Biden’s current work on the coronavirus vaccine is a build-off from the work of the Trump administration.

More from Biden’s primetime address

Many points of the Democrat’s president’s primetime address attracted criticism. Biden’s remarks that Americans “may” be able to celebrate July 4 in a normal fashion didn’t go over well; liberty-loving Americans didn’t hesitate to state that Independence Day celebrations don’t warrant permission from the 46th president.