‘Warp’ Theory Makes Traveling Faster-than-Light Possible

Space travel; warp speed; faster-than-light

Before we started flying around in space, science fiction revealed a universe where travel is Faster-than-light (FTL).  It has long been theorized that trips could someday be taken instantly to other countries, other planets, or even through time.

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Göttingen University-based astrophysicist Erik Lentz has detailed an amazing new theoretical design in the Classical and Quantum Gravity journal.

Lentz’s theory has NASA’s attention.  He says there is a way that we could achieve FTL travel using present-day conventional physics.

We need warp-speed to work to make certain that life, as we know it, can continue. We need to extend beyond the Earth. But the universe is just too big and the human lifespan is too small.

SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk believes that Mars is the logical expansion. But the truth is a colony on Mars might not be sustainable.  Nowhere in our solar system is a reasonable alternative. So we are looking at other solar systems and other stars.

It’s certain that there must be Earth-like planets somewhere out there. But it takes way too long to reach them.