Biden: Trump is an existential threat to America


“Everywhere you turn, Trump is tearing down the guardrails of democracy. It’s the abuse of power. And if there is one thing I can’t stand — it’s the abuse of power. Just look at what’s happening around the world. Dictators and tyrants are using Trump’s words to justify their own abuses of power in their countries. Trump’s goal is simple — discredit the news, discredit the free press — and he gets to run roughshod over America,” said Biden.

Biden also emphasized that the President is attacking law enforcement agencies and the independence of the Courts. He is also “completely ignoring the legitimate authority of the Congress.”

Biden encourages American to choose hope, unity and truth

Biden told his fellow Americans that it critical to “re-set the Constitutional norms in this country.” He promised to “work with the Congress, work across the aisle and to seek consensus” to get things done if he becomes the next President.

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He believes that no other nation can match the United States’ ability to lead the 21st century.