Biden’s Approval Rating Dips to Stunning New Low


The unpopularity of Joe Biden continues to unfold and become more undeniable. Yet, the White House would have Americans believe that all is well with the president and his leadership of this nation.

All is not, in fact, well. Supply deficiencies, inflation, growing crime, gas prices that few people can afford, etc., are just a list of some issues plaguing the United States.

Biden, for his part, continues refusing to adjust his policies. If the president changed his approach to domestic energy production in America, it would reduce gas costs.

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However, such modifications would also conflict with climate change agendas that oppose coal, fossil fuels, oil, and more. For this reason, Biden isn’t budging.

As the president continues to oversee one major crisis after the next, his nationwide approval rating has sunk to yet another eyebrow-raising low.

The worst poll yet for Biden

Previously, the president’s approval rating stood at 39%.

This time, a CIVIQS poll shows that only 32% of Americans back the job Biden’s doing. Meanwhile, his disapproval rating increased to 57%; previously, the president’s disapproval rating lingered in the low 50s range.