Biden’s Promised “Winter of Severe Illness and Death” Has Passed


Political leaders and medical experts have said a lot of things about COVID that simply didn’t pan out.

They claimed wearing face masks would stop COVID from spreading. Yet, even with months of mask mandates last year, the virus’ transmission continued.

Then, politicians and medical experts stated COVID vaccines would be the key out of the pandemic. Meanwhile, it has since come out that these vaccines don’t stop the virus from spreading. COVID vaccines don’t even save their recipients from virus infection.

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Back in December 2021, Biden declared “a winter of severe illness and death” would befall anyone who refused to take COVID vaccines. On Sunday, “winter” officially passed and spring began.

However, the “severe illness and death” Biden promised for the unvaccinated turned out to be nothing more than empty words.

The reality about COVID and the unvaccinated

Despite the narrative Biden put out, there haven’t been mass rises of unvaccinated individuals passing away from COVID; there also hasn’t been “severe illness” from COVID clogging up America’s hospitals.

However, the COVID vaccines Biden’s tried to force upon the nation haven’t stopped his press secretary, Jen Psaki, from now twice testing positive for the virus and experiencing symptoms.

Former President Obama, Biden’s ex-boss, also recently announced that he’s tested positive for COVID and experienced symptoms.

Refusing to take COVID vaccines is not an automatic death sentence. Likewise, taking COVID vaccines doesn’t guarantee anything either.

When fear-mongering falls flat

Across the board, Americans have tired of hearing that the world will end if they don’t follow never-ending, moving goalposts.

From masks, COVID vaccines, COVID boosters, etc., somehow, there’s always one more carrot dangled in front of everyone. There’s always one more thing people are told needs to happen to ensure COVID remains at bay.

Already, infectious diseases official Anthony Fauci is claiming Americans need to show “flexibility” towards reinstating COVID restrictions. People are sick of it and not standing for it any longer.

Meanwhile, Fauci has never once spoken seriously about the societal harm caused by the mandates he champions. The infectious diseases official likewise remains silent about the Johns Hopkins study that came out earlier this year and proved lockdowns to be ineffective.