BioTherapex, NeuroPlus, Health Research Laboratories, LLC Settle False Advertising Claims


Health Research Laboratories, LLC and Kramer Duhon settled false advertising claims against BioTherapex and NeuroPlus that were filed by the FTC and the State of Maine. Allegations against Health Research Laboratories, LLC and Kramer Duhon included deceiving consumers with promises that BioTherapex and NeuroPlus could treat practically any ailment under the sun. The claims made were found to be unsubstantiated

Defendants Targeted Scientific Journals with Pseudo-Science and Fake Testimonials

The defendants also tried to get scientific journals interested in BioTherapex and NeuroPlus by revising their advertising materials to include pseudo-science (including a 1,200 person study that was never actually conducted). The defendants also made up names for doctors and consumers singing the praises of their supplements. Apparently, no one thought to forewarn the defendants that the editors of scientific journals would definitely look into whether the study existed and those doctors existed and were in good standing.

“Risk Free Trial” Enrolled Consumers into Autoshipments Without Their Consent

The FTC and State of Maine stated in their complaint against Health Research Laboratories, LLC and Kramer Duhon that “risk free trials” were offered to consumers to get them to try the products. Consumers weren’t informed that the “free trial” would enroll them in an autoshipment program.

Defendants Face Stiff Penalties

The defendants are prohibited from making further false and unsubstantiated claims related to their products, claiming that their products were subject to competent and reliable scientific studies, misrepresenting consumer use or expert testimonials, misrepresenting their “free trial” or “risk free trial”, gain consent to enroll consumers in autoshipment, and a $3.7 million judgment.