Blood Moon Total Eclipse on May 25-27


On the night of May 25-27, star-watchers in Hawaii, Asia, and Antarctica will better able to view the total eclipse of the supermoon. May’s full moon is known as a Blood Moon. And it will be 2021’s only total eclipse.

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Loading... reports that there is no astronomical significance to the blood moon event. There are two to four lunar eclipses annually, and each one appears to over half the Earth. This month’s eclipse will span two days because the visibility area includes the international dateline. 

It will make for amazing viewing. And the usually silver-white moon will appear slightly red since the Earth’s shadow will reflect on its surface.

Lunar eclipses


A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth and the sun. This is when we see a full moon. But on rare occasions, the moon enters the Earth’s shadow. And that results in an eclipse. Since the plane of the moons’ orbit tilts at 5 degrees most full moons are out of the way of the Earth’s shadow.