Bomb Cyclone: Powerful Winter Storm Blasts U.S. East Coast


A powerful and winter storm also called bomb cyclone is slamming the East Coast of the United States—threatening the lives of millions of people.

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A bomb cyclone develops when a synoptic low-pressure system (mid-latitude cyclone) intensifies and experiences a significant drop in atmospheric pressure rapidly. Meteorologists call this process bombogenesis.

Authorities already recorded at least 16 deaths due to the severe weather. Six people died in Wisconsin, 4 in Texas, 3 in North Carolina, and one each in Michigan, Missouri, and North Carolina.

Today, the National Weather Service issued winter storm and blizzard warnings from Virginia to Maine. Almost 60 million people are in the path of the bomb cyclone.

Traveling in these areas will be extremely difficult due to heavy snow, strong winds and coastal flooding.

Yesterday, the bomb cyclone already disrupted more than 3,300 U.S. flights. The Northeast is expected to continue to suffer a widespread disruption in travel through the weekend.