Border Security Struggles Lead to New Criticism Against Democrats


After calling out the reality of the circumstances, McCarthy censured Democrats’ response. The Republican lawmaker explained that Democrats caused this problem and now they’re ignoring it.

Likewise, McCarthy pointed out that as Democrats ignore this problem, the illegal immigrants are being processed into the United States.

Biden runs and hides

The president of the United States is running and hiding from the southern border crisis at hand. When asked by the media about the border, Biden walks away from the podium.

Likewise, the president’s been contacted by multiple Republican governors. These governors wrote to Biden, asking for a meeting about the disaster at the southern border and the implementation of subsequent solutions.

Biden hasn’t responded to that, either. This president opened up the nation’s borders with disastrous policies that now pose a national security threat. Biden then tapped Harris as the point person to mitigate this crisis; yet, the vice president’s solutions are nowhere to be found.