BREAKING: Police Officers Quitting Their Jobs Nationwide


For the past year, Democrats have spent time verbally, physically, and legislatively working to undermine the jobs and importance of police officers.

The verbal undermining happens when leftists scream to dismantle and defund police. Physically, law enforcement jobs are under siege when Antifa and Black Lives Matter attack police in the streets, set precincts ablaze, and hurl dangerous objects at police.

Finally, legislative attacks against law enforcement occur when Democrats actually do defund police in their communities and endorse an end to qualified immunity.

Across the nation, police officers are therefore quitting their jobs. Many have understandably decided that with the current state of affairs, the job is just not worth it anymore.

The rise of law enforcement officers turning in their badges

Over the weekend, former Detroit chief of police James Craig spoke with Fox News about the rise of police officers quitting their jobs across America. Craig explained to Fox News that this new trend doesn’t surprise him at all; then, the former chief of police for Detroit detailed the series of factors engendering the loss of police officers.