Economist: Racial Reparations at Odds with America’s Future


As of late, there has been a lot of talk about racial reparations in the United States. Democrats regularly push the idea that due to the centuries ago existence of slavery, racial reparations are worth being paid. President Biden himself has even entertained the notion of racial reparations.

Racial reparations, like many other issues, wade into political waters. Many people have objections with reparations, seeing as nobody alive today was a slave or a slave owner. Likewise, there are questions about how payments would be set up, carried out, etc.

Many Americans are against the idea of racial reparations and they’re not alone. Brown University economist Glenn Loury told Fox News that racial reparations are not in keeping with a positive future for America.

The problem with racial reparations in America

On Sunday, Loury informed Fox News of the need for people to move past race and realize that Americans are “all in this thing together”; in a follow up statement, the Brown University economist furthermore noted that reparations would be perilous for America’s future before stating that African-Americans should not seek out a “separate deal” with the United States.