Britain might Face a Catastrophic” Environmental Fallout according to Experts

The U.K.'s Energy Consumption will Depend on Hydrogen
The U.K.'s Energy Consumption will Depend on Hydrogen

Experts expect Britain to struggle with the climate change’s collateral damage in the upcoming decades. They suggest that the country should attempt to avoid a “catastrophic” environmental fallout or else the British produce will be highly affected. 

The United Kingdom’s Royal Meteorological Society has published at the end of July the state of the U.K. Climate 2020 report where authors noted that last year was England’s third-warmest year since the records started in 1884. 

On the other hand, the United Kingdom Met Office expects the country to see warmer and wetter winters, and even hotter and drier summers with “more frequent and intense weather extremes” because of climate change.

Michael Christie, professor of environmental and ecological economics at Aberystwyth Business School in Wales, said in an interview with CNBC that unless the U.K. and other countries act on it, temperature rises would have “more and more catastrophic effects.”

“And those effects will be irreversible,” he added, noting that certain industries were at greater risk.