Burr’s Temporary Resignation as Chairman Surprises Senators


Many journalists asked Rubio if he anticipated being the next chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Rubio seemed confused, asking: “Um, why?”

“I haven’t heard that,” he said when told that McConnell had declared that Burr would resign.

McConnell made his announcement of Burr’s relatively brief resignation as senators were coming to the Capitol for a planned casting of lots at noon.

Rubio, who was questioned as he departed from the vote if he was given additional knowledge at that time, pointed out that the information was “just out.”

“I mean I wish they would time these things better,” he wisecracked.

Burr’s resignation and the responses mark the most recent development since accounts came to light in March that the Justice Department was holding an investigation into Burr’s trading of as much as $1.72 million in stocks in early February.

Burr traded the stocks subsequent to senators getting information privately on the nationwide danger that COVID-19 presents. That was in advance of the majority of Americans getting notified regarding the possible economic pains felt by COVID-19.