Business Groups Not on Board with Minimum Wage Hikes


The Raise the Wage Act is facing criticism for the means in which it would engender even more “insurmountable costs” that business owners are already struggling with. A representative of the National Restaurant Association explained that the legislation to increase the minimum wage would cause restaurants to have to lay off even more workers.

During a time when so many Americans are struggling, more layoffs are the last thing workers want. One must also remember that layoffs are already happening under the Biden administration since the Keystone pipeline is shut down.

A different representative for the International Franchise Association explains that proposals to hike the minimum wage arrive at an inopportune period. Many business owners are still reeling from months of “economic downturn” and lockdowns.

A comprehensive plan for America’s businesses

With one full week in office, the Biden administration has not released a comprehensive plan for helping the nation’s businesses. The 46th president is instead setting a record for his number of signed executive orders since his inauguration.