Buttigieg Hits Warren for “Evading” Question on Middle Class Tax Increases


Since the inception of the 2020 presidential election, a divide between Democrats’ stance on healthcare has maintained. The more progressive candidates of the party, such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, are all in favor of Medicare-for-All; their argument asserts that Medicare-for-All will ensure that every American gets the healthcare they need free of charge.

Other Democrats aren’t buying the story. Certain left-wing contenders, such as Joe Biden, have a different outlook. Democrats against Medicare-for-All largely favor bringing back Obamacare and expanding upon it.

Earlier today, 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg appeared on CNN and criticized Warren for evading an inquiry about Medicare-for-All and whether or not it will raise taxes for the middle class.

Reviewing Buttigieg’s Statements on Warren and Medicare-for-All

Medicare-for-All is set to cost trillions of dollars, if it somehow succeeds, makes it through Congress and gets a presidential signature. Democrats in favor of Medicare-for-All have argued that the costs of healthcare will decrease and that funding will come when the wealthy one-percent “pays their fair share.”