California Lawmaker Proposes Bill Prohibiting Work Requirements for Medicaid  


On the other hand, Jen Flory of Western Center on Law and Poverty, commented, “Whether someone works or not has no bearing on their need for health care. Sadly, this is just another cynical proposal from the Trump Administration to pit people against each other. California is right to reject it.”

Under SB 1108, the California Department of Health Care Services is prohibited from requesting CMS for a waiver requiring:

  • Work or community engagement activities as a condition of Medi-Cal eligibility;
  • Waiting periods, time limits or coverage lockouts prior to or subsequent to the determination of Medi-Cal eligibility or coverage;
  • Any other condition of Medi-Cal eligibility or coverage not authorized by state law or federal statute or regulation.

CMS released new policy guidance for states to improve Medicaid

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released new policy guidance for states to develop and test work and other community engagement among working-age, non-pregnant Medicaid beneficiaries.