California Lawmaker Proposes Bill Prohibiting Work Requirements for Medicaid  


A California lawmaker wants to prevent the implementation of harsh requirements for people receiving Medicaid known as Medi-Cal in the state.

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Medicaid  provides health insurance to 68 million Americans including low-income adults, pregnant women, children, seniors, and people with disabilities. It is jointly funded by the federal government and states.

Last month, President Donald Trump said states across the country will now be able to impose job training or work as a condition to receive Medicaid.

Medicaid work requirements is “backwards”

California State Senator Ed Hernandez rejected the new policy guidance from CMS. On Wednesday, he introduced a bill that prohibits work requirements for low-income Californians to be able to receive Medi-Cal.

California State Sen. Hernandez Rejects Medicaid Work Requirements

The state legislator, “The Trump proposal to make health insurance coverage contingent on work requirements is backwards. Now is the time to focus all efforts on covering more people, not less.”

Additionally, Sen. Hernandez said, SB 1108 ensures that their focus in California is to continue to reduce the number of uninsured.  “I hope other states join California in saying no to this misguided and mean-spirited attempt to take coverage away from those who need it most.”