California Loses Over 182K Residents


Many Americans have thoughts on what is causing the extensive exodus from California. Just earlier this week, Caitlyn Jenner stated in a Fox News interview that her friends are leaving the state due to very high homelessness rates.

Another factor deals with Governor Newsom’s policies and poor responses to coronavirus. The ridiculously high taxes in the Golden State place an inevitable strain on both individuals and small businesses; therefore, many of those who can afford to leave are doing so.

In 2020, California was the very first state in America to implement a statewide shutdown. Even today, the state remains largely shuttered, marking a stark contrast to open, red states like Florida and Texas.

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Florida: the foil to California

In many ways, the state of Florida is the ultimate foil to California. While Governor Newsom keeps the state under tight restrictions, Governor DeSantis has opened up Florida and let individuals make their own selections.

As people rush to leave California, hundreds of folks each day are choosing to move to Florida. The contrast in leadership of California vs. Florida is as apparent as it could possibly be.