California Nurses Support de León’s Bid to Replace Feinstein in the U.S. Senate

California nurses endorse de Leon

The National Nurses United together with its affiliate, the California Nurses Association announced its support for State Sen. Kevin de León in his effort to defeat U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein in the 2018 midterm election.

According to the nurses’ union, it is endorsing de León because of his strong advocacy for Medicare for all. The state senator voted yes on SB 562, a legislation that would create a single-payer health care coverage for all Californians.

In a statement, Malinda Markowitz, RN, co-president of California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, said, “At a time when 15 million Californians still have no health coverage, or pay for premiums and still can’t afford to get the medical care they need, Kevin de León demonstrated outstanding political courage and leadership in shepherding passage of SB 562.”

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Additionally, Markowitz noted that there are many politicians in California who claims to favor universal coverage or single payer. However, when a real legislation is on the table, they change their position. They help the insurance industry and other corporate giants in attacking it.

California nurses believe de León will fight attacks on health care programs

In contrast, “Kevin de León proved he would stand up to the heat, and do what is right for California – working to advance the legislation,” said Markowitz. “That’s exactly what we need in the Senate, especially in the age of Trump,” she added.