California on Track to Exceed Renewable Energy Targets


A recently released report by the California Public Utilities Commission shows (CPUC) that the states utility companies have already met or exceeded renewable energy targets for 2020. California has been leading the way with aggressive measures to reduce the impact on the environment and this report is further proof that these measures are working. If other jurisdictions begin to follow the states’ lead, there’s a good chance of stopping climate change before it becomes irreversible.

Major Findings

The CPUC report found that California’s major utility companies have already met the states 2020 target of 33% of energy coming from renewables and they’re actually on track to meet the 2030 target of 50% by 2020. Smaller utility companies are not far behind and should also easily meet the original targets. California is now producing so much power from solar power they’re actually giving some away in the winter months when demand falls to neighbouring states such as Arizona.

What Renewable Energy Means for Residents

What does all of this mean for the average Californian? A significant reduction in the amount of emissions from fossil fuels and a chance to reverse the effects of global warming. No state has suffered more from global warming than California as we witnessed this past summer with out of control wildfires. California needs to stop and even reverse the states rising temperatures if incidents like these are to be avoided in the future.