California Moving Away from Natural Gas and Embracing Clean Energy


California may be finished with natural gas – at least in the long term. Current plants will probably live out their life cycle, but there’s a good chance that there won’t be any large natural gas plants built in the state of California in the future. Small, efficient, and clean plants may need to come on line before the full transition to renewable energy is made, but the end is clearly in sight for California’s natural gas industry. There have been numerous events pushing the state in this direction, including the ongoing battle with climate change and the devastating recent natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon.

Current Projects on Hold or Mothballed

Many older natural gas power plants in California are approaching the end of their usable life. Some are nearing 70 years old and can’t be sustained much longer. The state’s major utility companies, such as Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric, expected to replace these aging plants with new and efficient natural gas plants, but those plans seem to be in serious jeopardy. In a surprise move, the proposed 262-megawatt Puente power plant was put on hold with no sign that the project would be restarted any time soon.

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