California is producing too much solar energy – That’s not a good thing


California has always been on the frontlines when it comes to solar power initiatives. That shouldn’t come as a surprise from a state that enjoys sunshine practically every month of the year.

As a result, California has produced a vast amount of solar power. So much so, they’ve produced too much energy, and are now forced to cut back. The damage has been done, however, and the influx of energy has driven prices to staggering lows.

As of April 2018, California has been forced to cut back on nearly 95,000 megawatt-hours of electricity by closing or scaling down wind and solar farms. To put that number into perspective, that amount of electricity could easily power 15 million homes for two hours.

California’s overzealousness has led to significant problems

California’s overzealous approach to harness solar power can’t be seen as entirely bad. The ultimate goal was to increase the use of clean energy to lessen our impact on the environment. Interestingly enough, California has nearly achieved many of its energy goals that were originally slated to be completed by 2030.