California wins $344 million judgment against Johnson & Johnson for deceptive marketing of pelvic mesh products


Johnson & Johnson concealed that its pelvic mesh products could cause permanent pain with intercourse, loss of sexual function, chronic pain, permanent urinary or defecatory dysfunction, and potentially devastating impact on the overall quality of life.

California obtains justice for women

In a statement, AG Becerra said, “Johnson & Johnson intentionally concealed the risks of its pelvic mesh implant devices. It robbed women and their doctors of their ability to make informed decisions about whether to permanently implant the products in patients’ bodies.”

“Johnson & Johnson knew the danger of its mesh products but put profits ahead of the health of millions of women. Today we achieved justice for the women and families forever scarred by Johnson & Johnson’s dishonesty,” he added.

Johnson & Johnson sold more than 470,000 pelvic mesh products across the United States including over 30,000 in California from 2008 to 2014. The company settled similar lawsuits filed by the state of Washington for $9.9 million and with a coalition of 42 other states for $117 million.  It is facing more than 35,000 personal injury lawsuits related to its products