Candace Owens Weighs in on Debate Regarding “White Nationalism”


Finally, Owens spoke about black conservatives in America:

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“We hear over and over again about black conservatives. [They] have the audacity to think for themselves and become educated about our history and the myth of things, like the southern switch and the southern strategy, which never happened.”

Weaponization of Racism for Political Purposes

Owens statements ring true of many points which conservatives have touched upon. A fairly notable portion of the right-wing maintains that Democrats use accusations of racism in order to get votes.

Of course, this is something which Democrats deny. Those who lean towards the left end of the political aisle claim that they are fighting for justice and equality. They also allege to stand for minorities and individuals who they deem as oppressed and underprivileged.

However, many on the right don’t see it this way. As a matter of fact, conservatives have stated that Democrats’ policies actually harm the people who they claim to want to help. This has not stopped the left-wing from pushing for various reforms which would require extreme government intervention and control.