Capcom hit with ransomware attack, 350K customers affected; Hackers demand $11M


Capcom, a Japanese gaming giant that created some of the hottest games on the market was hit with a ransomware attack, earlier this month. The company owns the Resident Evil and Street Fighter game franchises.

Based on Capcom’s updated incident report on November 16th, the ransomware attack may have affected the personal data of 350,000 customers. The Japanese gaming giant also stated that its content development and business are currently operating without a problem. However, it believes that its  “corporate information may have been compromised in this attack.”

“Capcom offers its sincerest apologies for any complications and concerns that this may bring to its potentially impacted customers as well as to its many stakeholders,” the c

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There have been a record number of hacks in 2020. Many of them are associated with Russia-based bad actors.

Hackers used Ragnar Locker malware

Capcom disclosed that its networks have been the victim of a ransomware attack during the early morning hours of November 2.