Cardi B’s Legal Symphony: A $3.8 Million Crescendo in Defamation Case


By Samuel Lopez, Legal News Contributor for USA Herald.

Greetings, esteemed readers. Today, we bring you a legal duel involving illustrious rapper Cardi B, and Latasha Kebe, a well-known YouTuber who goes by the name Tasha K.

The Prelude to Legal Harmonies

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The saga began in March 2019 when Cardi B, whose legal name is Belcalis Almánzar, filed a lawsuit against Latasha Kebe and her company, Kebe Studios LLC. The allegations encompassed defamation, invasion of privacy through a false portrayal, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Kebe’s public videos and social media posts asserted a slew of derogatory claims about Cardi B, ranging from drug usage to infidelity.

The Legal Score

In early 2022, a Georgia federal court resonated with the harmonic tones of justice and awarded Cardi B $3.8 million. Latasha Kebe, in an attempt to evade this thunderous judgment, sought refuge under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Kebe, whose liabilities amount to $3.4 million, beseeched the court to stay all proceedings in Cardi B’s case against her while she pursues her bankruptcy petition in Florida.

Kebe’s Financial Fugue

Kebe’s financial disclosures sing a tale of liabilities surpassing assets. With assets tallying under $60,000 and a combined monthly income with her husband of approximately $30,000, their monthly expenses stand at $23,000.

Cardi B’s Emotional Overture

What rendered this case particularly poignant was Cardi B’s testimony, in which she elucidated the emotional discord orchestrated by Kebe’s allegations. She described Kebe’s actions as a cacophony of malice that drove her to the brink of despair. This, in conjunction with evidence that Kebe and her company acted in bad faith, warranted punitive damages.

An Epilogue in Legal Minor

Kebe and her company, upon the court’s judgment, agreed to permanently remove the contentious videos from their YouTube channel. Cardi B, not willing to let the matter rest without ensuring due recompense, has initiated garnishment proceedings against Kebe.

For an in-depth understanding of the court’s decision and its implications, I invite you to explore this insightful report.

As we reflect upon the consequences and the gravity of this case, it is essential to recognize the power and responsibilities that accompany public platforms.

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