How Celebrities and CEOs Hire a Nanny – Qualifications Pros Look For


Having a clean criminal record will only get a potential nanny through the first phase. They also have to be highly educated. Every celebrity is different, but at a minimum, the nanny in question will need to have at least a basic college degree. Some celebrities demand much more.

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A Good Fit – Caring

Someone that sounds good on paper may not do well in person. Nanny services such as NJBS do look at the personalities of nannies before they hire them, but they can never account for individual preferences. In some cases, it just comes down to personality. The typical celebrity will want to interview anyone recommended before they hire them and if they don’t get a good vibe they’ll keep looking. If a nanny can demonstrate that they have a caring and nurturing attitude towards children they’ll have a much better chance of being hired.



Willingness to Sacrifice

Being the nanny for a celebrity can be hard work. Successful people generally work long hours and so the time demands on their nannies are considerable. Even if a nanny isn’t required to be a live-in, they will spend anywhere from 10 to 14 hours per day in the celebrity household.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time for nannies to live their own lives. If they aren’t willing to make that kind of sacrifice, they won’t last long.

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Zee Smith
Zee Smith is CEO of Not Just Baby Sitters Inc., a childcare concierge service. Smith is an expert on child care and recruiting and screening nannies, babysitters to some of America’s most prominent families. Not Just Baby Sitters serves Manhattan, the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco area but her nannies are caring for children around the world.