How Celebrities and CEOs Hire a Nanny – Qualifications Pros Look For


Not everyone can be a celebrity or top CEO, but is being the nanny for one of these successful people the next best thing? It’s probably more work than most people think and not quite as glamorous, but it’s still a great opportunity for the right person. What does it take to become a celebrity nanny? There are some common traits and qualifications that celebrities and CEO’s look for when hiring a nanny.

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Professional Nanny Agencies

Top professionals and celebrities don’t usually have the time to do a painstaking private search for a nanny. In most cases, they rely on the services of a professional agency like Not Just Babysitters (NJBS). They look for an agency with a strong reputation and one that hires the best quality candidates. Any nanny that’s been hired on by a service like this has already gone through a rigorous screening process and usually has most of the qualifications required.


Clean Record and Highly Educated

CEO’s and celebrities won’t hire a nanny that doesn’t have a clean record. They can afford to provide their children with the best possible care and a safe nurturing environment. For that reason, nanny services like NJBS simply won’t hire a nanny that doesn’t pass a criminal record check.

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Zee Smith
Zee Smith is CEO of Not Just Baby Sitters Inc., a childcare concierge service. Smith is an expert on child care and recruiting and screening nannies, babysitters to some of America’s most prominent families. Not Just Baby Sitters serves Manhattan, the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco area but her nannies are caring for children around the world.