Managing a Nanny and When and How to Pull the Plug


A nanny can be of great benefit for both children and parents. They can allow busy parents to provide the best care for their children in an intimate relationship in their own home. There are times though when it doesn’t work for various reasons. Sometimes it’s just that the family situation has changed and the nanny’s no longer needed, sometimes there are more serious reasons for letting a nanny go.

Whatever the reason is for letting a nanny go, it’s bound to affect the children.  They often develop strong bonds with their nannies, so letting a nanny go can be a difficult task for all involved.  There are some key things to consider when ending the employment of a nanny, no matter what the reason.


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Family Integration

A nanny is more than just your typical caregiver. They should have similar or better credentials to your typical childcare worker, but a good one will also develop a much more intimate relationship with the child. They become part of the family and the child won’t be able to make the distinction between actual family members and their nanny. For the child there really is no difference.