Chelsea Handler Urges White Americans To Think About “What It Must Be Like To Not Be White”


Liberal talk show host Chelsea Handler took to Twitter on Martin Luther King Day to opine her thoughts on what she believes white Americans should do.

Handler’s Thoughts on MLK Day and White Americans

Yesterday morning, Handler posted the hereinafter tweet urging white Americans to honor Dr. King and moreover ponder “what it must be like to not be white”:

Roughly four hours later, Handler also re-posted an illustration of Dr. King putting his hand over President Trump’s mouth along with the caption: “Yeah seriously. Don’t speak today.”

Both of these posts attracted criticism, however Handler’s first tweet raised many eyebrows. Many of her critics noted what they viewed as the irony of Handler tweeting about equality and then calling exclusively upon white people to honor Dr. King. Shouldn’t people of all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities honor Dr. King and what he stood for, questioned many people who observed Handler’s tweet. Judging people based on the content of their character and not their skin color was one of Dr. King’s core teachings.

Moreover, the assertion that white Americans ought to “think about what it must be like to not be white” also attracted backlash. Many liberals like Handler have come under fire for their remarks regarding people of color and the notion that “not being white” in America equates to victimhood or oppression.

Twitter users responded to Handler, nothing the aforementioned points:

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

“The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations” is a term coined by former President George W. Bush during his speech at the NAACP’s 91st annual convention. During Bush’s remarks, he also noted the importance of not segregating people via low expectations. This phrase stuck with many people and therefore remains alive and well.

Liberals have moreover faced criticism from conservatives for what the latter sees as Democrats’ low expectations for minorities and non-white Americans. Many people who viewed Handler’s tweet felt as though it displayed a very condescending attitude.

Furthermore, many right leaning Americans feel as though low expectations are often expressed via leftist talking points of “white privilege” and indirect implications that not being white in America is synonymous to being oppressed, disenfranchised, or otherwise underprivileged.

Finally, critics slammed Handler via Twitter, stating that her posts were the polar opposite of everything that Martin Luther King Jr stood for:

Handler has not yet responded to the backlash engendered by her tweets.