Chief Financial Officers Warn of New Economic Problems


People should not disregard or take lightly this latest news from America’s CFOs. These warnings arrive after disappointing job reports from both April 2021 and May 2021. Furthermore, other experts are already anticipating that inflation will maintain and even rise going into 2022.

Turning things around

Shortages all across the nation are making news left and right. Some examples of reported shortages include rideshare drivers, meat supply, gas, and more. It also doesn’t help that America recently suffered cyberattacks against our meat suppliers and fuel.

Republicans are doing their part to turn things around. 25 GOP governors in America have opted out of the federal government’s bonus $300/wk COVID aid. With so many places hiring, conservatives are looking to get Americans back into the workforce.

More returns to the workforce will undoubtedly reduce labor shortages; it’ll also increase the likelihood of businesses remaining afloat. Many small businesses suffered the worst hits during the height of government shutdowns. Even now, a good deal of those that survived are just barely making it.