Tulsa Shuts Down Systems Due to Double-tap Ransomware


The City of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is being hit by a double-tap ransomware attack. And in a pre-emptive move is shutting down systems including all its online services. A press release on Facebook  from IT services explains that “Due to a recent ransomware attack, the City of Tulsa is experiencing technical difficulties on various outward-facing programs that help City employees serve the citizens of Tulsa.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, the City shut down various servers, internal programs, and the City’s email system. Individuals trying to reach City employees will not be able to reach them via City email at this time,” the statement says.

There were few details given. The city claims no customer information has been compromised. And emergency services including 911 are not affected. Tulsa is implementing various manual processes, as an interim measure.

Tulsa’s websites were still mostly offline as of Monday night. A message on the main page claims they are “currently down for maintenance.”

Double-tap ransomware targets municipalities

There has been a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks targeting cities, states, and local governments worldwide. In late April a similar attack was waged against the British Columbia, Canada Resort Municipality of Whistler. And the ransomware attack was the cause of the suspension of most of its services.