GOP States Moving to Block Biden’s Gun Control Executive Orders


With President Biden in office, the U.S. Justice Department is under orders to begin implementing various gun control measures. Cracking down on ghost guns and recategorizing sections of gun kits as firearms are just a few examples.

Biden issued these executive orders weeks ago. The GOP vowed to push back against these Second Amendment infringements and is now acting accordingly. Even as a president who can take executive action, Biden’s reach only goes so far.

States’ rights still very much exist. Now, in the case of Biden’s gun control orders, Republican states are moving to block this president’s anti-gun executive orders.

No deal on sweeping gun control measures

Conservatives treasure Second Amendment rights and therefore want nothing to do with Biden’s gun control agenda. Yesterday, Brad Little, the Republican governor of Idaho, signed a bill that essentially bars the enforcement of Biden’s gun control executive orders in the state.

The legislation signed by Governor Little specifically bans any infringements against firearms, ammunition, gun parts, gun accessories, etc. In essence and in Idaho, the state’s Constitution overrides the executive orders of Biden. This is a prime example of states exercising their own power to shield residents from the federal government’s tyranny.