GOP States Moving to Block Biden’s Gun Control Executive Orders


As such, authorities in Idaho are legally banned from implementing any gun control executive orders issued by President Biden.

An uphill battle in Congress and across America

In addition to Biden’s sweeping gun control executive orders, he also wants lawmakers to pass gun control reform through Congress.

With the Senate filibuster, anti-Second Amendment legislation doesn’t stand a chance of making it onto Biden’s desk in the Oval Office. Furthermore, with a minority of Democrat senators and all GOP senators opposed to scrapping the filibuster, gun control bills are essentially dead in the water.

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Many conservative states across the country value gun rights and other rights that under attack from this White House. Idaho is not the first state to implement measures to protect its citizens against President Biden, either; months ago, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order to shield the state’s energy industry from Biden’s whims.

Ultimately, a strong majority of conservatives agree that Republican governors are the ultimate defense line against the Biden administration’s socialist agenda.